All services are free of charge


HIV Testing

If you think you had risk of contracting HIV, you can come to the Linda Clinic for an HIV test. There is no need to make appointment. The test takes 5 minutes and the result is shared with you immediately. Before and after the test is performed you will receive information from our nurse on how to prevent HIV. Free condoms are available to anyone visiting the Linda Clinic.

Medical Services

If you are diagnosed with HIV, the Linda Clinic doctor and nurse will support you with starting your treatment (ART). We recommend starting treatment as soon as possible after your diagnosis. You will need to take pills on a daily basis. You will also need medical checks at least twice a year, to analyze if the treatment is working properly. Besides, they will also check if you have other conditions (co-infections and co-morbidities) for which you might need to be treated. During the appointments you will discuss your general health and you will get plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Psychological Support

As a person living with HIV you might experience feelings of anxiety or depression. We offer services to talk to a psychologist, to help you cope with such feelings and find a way out of them.

Social Support

Our social worker can assist you with applying for disability pension, job support, and will provide full information about the specifics of living with HIV: recommendations on diet, work, leisure and sports; safer sex, family planning and conceiving a child. Our social worker is also available for counseling sessions via phone.

Peer Support

Nobody can relate better to people living with HIV than someone who lives with it every day. Our peer counselors will help you by answering questions about taking your treatment, possible side-effects of treatment, sharing your HIV positive status with your relatives, or just a conversation about your wellbeing at that moment.

Outreach and Linkage

Our work does not end at the front door; a team of outreach workers is always on the move in and around Narva, offering free testing in public places, and visiting clients at home, in shelters or rehab centers, to make sure they receive their therapy and support. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to know where we are.


The Linda Clinic works with a team of dedicated volunteers. There are numerous ways in which volunteers support the work of the clinic, and at the same time use their own skills, knowledge and passions. Would you like to distribute condoms and information about the Linda Clinic during public events? Or are you more a creative person, and are you good at taking photos or making short videos? Do you have other good ideas to share with us? Contact us.